Suzanne Caron-Richer

Tower of Babel

Framed 18" x 22" stiched book pages with slice of book on waxed blue linen background


Sarah Finx

14" x 18" collage portrait of SarahFin on mylar on 1-1/2" canvas


Garden Leaves

Framed 9" x 12" watercolor with stamped leaves


I'm Intexticated

14" x 18" collage portrait alphabet pasta on mylar mounted on 1-1/2" canvas


Magic Carpet

30" x 36" collage of woven watercolor paper strips


Video Man

8" x 10" collage made with video stamps


Mine Model

5" x 8' x 7', layered plexiglass sheets laminated with fabric, film and dried plants


For Judith

Reminiscent of Klimt artwork 20" x 24" painted surface of distorted anamorphic view projecting onto an 8" high cylinder mirror

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About The Artist

Suzanne Caron-Richer

Suzanne Caron-Richer

It's all a matter of perspective!

I spent the mandatory working years as a cartographer for exploration companies. I particularly enjoyed making 3D mine model installations. Upon early retirement I returned to the classroom and received a degree in Visual Arts from University of Ottawa and a certificate in Multi Media from Algonquin College. I enjoy learning and practicing various techniques from the creative world of mixed media art. The abundance of materials and techniques available nowadays is an artist's dream come true.